July 31, 2011

Poll: Best 2000s Video?

I found this poll on Billboard.com! You can vote for the best video in the 2000s!
Vote for Lady Gaga (Bad Romance), Little Monsters!
xoxo Agnes

July 30, 2011

Men's Fashion by Louis Vuitton

Men, pay attention to this post! ;)
It's about a month ago since I saw this collection by Louis Vuitton. I show you my faves from the Spring/Summer 2012 Men's collection below! The fashion is great (that's typical for LV!) and the male models are looking great!
Look No.1 is nice, not the best one but I love the sunglasses and the trousers. The jacket is too normal for me and it's not nice-looking eighter.
The second look is really great. The jacket, shirt, trousers, sunglasses and the tie fit together! I would wear this outfit if I were a man. It looks elegant and gorgeous at the same time! Well, if you wear this at a date (with me), you would get plus points from me! ;)
The third picture shows an amazing outfit, which I would rather wear at home or when you're at a friends house, but it's nothing real for going out I think. But it looks good and comfortable, so if you want to chill just put this outfit on and you'll look great :D
The fourth outfit is good for warm days when you e.g. go out shopping with your girlfriend or when you're visiting big cities like Rome, Milan, San Francisco, etc.!
On the fifth picture you see a pretty outfit when you travel in the spring because it's not a warm outfit, but with the jacket on you can also be outside without freezing when there's no sun up on the sky. And of course you can put your stuff in the suitcase bag! (By the way, the model looks really hot! :D)
The next look reminds me of outfits worn at ships (maybe it reminds me of this because the clothes are navy blue, white and sth looking like golden). And I like the shoes, my favorites I think!
The seventh outfit is my favorite! The whole look is perfect! It's not even bad that there's no tie. It looks elegant, neat, nice, fine but not too serious. Love it!
And the last picture shows a neat look you can wear in summer. The shoes are simple as well as the t-shirt and the shorts. The "eye catcher" is the belt. Well done!

xoxo Agnes ♥

July 29, 2011

Lips ♥

I want to show you some special "lip-art" pictures, some will be from fashion designer shows, like the ones by Vivienne Westwood and DSQUARED2, others will be from the internet (I do not own any rights to these pictures!), as well as some showing celebrities!

        The first picture, as you can see, shows Rihanna with wonderful dark red lips, which really suit to her hair and to her earrings. The second one (the 2in1 picture) shows the makeup by DSQUARED2. In both photos there are red lips and smokey eyes. The left picture is in my opinion sth for the evening when you go out on a date or to a party and the right one looks more like a day makeup. The next picture (left) is fancy, so I wouldn't assume you to wear it at day! And also this looks a bit like Lady GaGa's lips in "Paparazzi". On the right you can see black lips. I have to confess, I like this look, but I rather won't try it because it's really extraterrestrial! The picture below shows six different crazy possibilities to paint your lips like. My favorite one is the right in the middle. And yours? ;) Under that one I've put another photo with Rihanna on, because those lips look amazing, too! It's not one of the latest pictures or even looks by Rihanna, but the dark lilac lipgloss is an eye catcher! Rihanna looks great! The penultimate picture shows a makeup look by Vivienne Westwood. The models on the runway are all painted that crazy as this girl and I think it looks fantastic. Well, it's not a look to wear outdoors! But I like the idea and those lips. They are kind of saying "Nobody's perfect" :) And last but not least the cover of Selena Gomez' "Kiss & Tell". She has rhinestones in a heart shape on her lips and that's lip art. I love this look!
        I hope you also like a few makeup looks I've shown here. You can tell me in a comment which one is your favorite and maybe which pictures you want me to show here, too!
        xoxo Agnes

        (sources: Google, Tumblr, ...)

        July 24, 2011

        R.I.P Amy Winehouse

        London - Saturday, 23rd of July 2011

        This weekend is so sad. Yesterday on the 22nd of July we heard about the attacks in Oslo.
        And one day later, on saturday there are sad news about the death of Amy Winehouse.
        I was literally shocked when I heard it. But it was somehow predictable, just remember her concert in Belgium. She was wrecked but no one really helped her.
        Amy had a great, really really great voice. I liked her songs even though she took drugs and drank alcohol. She was a real talent, but she ruined her life with the excesses. And now she sadly joined the "27 Club" with Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.
        Now I'm really sad. This whole weekend is very very unhappy. :(
        Someone on Twitter said a really meaningful sentence: "Amy is back to black now."
        I'm sending love and a prayer to her, she was a talent although she ruined herself.
        I love you Amy.
        R.I.P Amy Winehouse 

        xoxo Agnes ♥


        Norway - Friday, 22th of July 2011
        It's so sad. The news about the attack in Norway are shocking. How can someone do this? I don't want to judge Anders Behring Breivik, I don't know him or his reasons. But what he did is just unbelievable, cruel, ...
        I'm sad about it and that such a lot people in the government district of Oslo, also teenager who wanted to have a nice time in the camp on the island Utoya, had to die.
        I'm sending prayers and love to the relatives of the murdered people.
        R.I.P Victims of the attack 
        xoxo Agnes ♥

        July 23, 2011

        VMAs Nominations!

        The Video Music Award Nominations are announced!!
        Vote HERE now for artist like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Pitbull, Foo Fighters, Adele, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, and more!
        Lady GaGa is nominated for 3 VMAs: 
        - Best Female Video (Born This Way)
        - Best Art Direction (Judas)
        - Best Choreography (Judas)
        Katy Perry got 9 nominations e.g for Best Collaboration, Video Of The Year, Best Special Effects, Best Female Video ("E.T.", "Last Friday Night" ...) etc.
        Nicki Minaj is nominated for a few Awards like Best Hip-Hop Video or Best Female Video (both "Super Bass")...
        If you want to know for whom artist you can vote you can check out THIS LIST on 99.7FM NOW!
        It's weird that Rihanna got no nominations at all!
        I hope Lady Gaga gets all 3 Awards she is nominated for! :)
        Vote for your favorite artist!
        MTV VMAs 2011 going to air live from Los Angeles on August 28th!

        xoxo Agnes