February 29, 2012


Aww I love these jeans! I saw them in magazines and on the internet and fell in love with them! Here are some pictures, as well as some advertising photos showing jeans for women and men ;)

Picture N°.1 shows: Three different jeans by J Brand, first one are "shorter" ones in grey, second ones are dark grey washed jeans and the last ones are really pretty medium washed blue jeans.
Picture N°.2 shows: An advertising photo by Calvin Klein Jeans (2010) with a woman wearing a mini denim skirt in light grey and a man wearing jeans in the same color.
Picture N°.3 shows: An ad by Calvin Klein Jeans from the Spring/Summer collection. The woman wears green jeans and the man white jeans.
Picture N°.4 shows: An advertisment for Pepe Jeans, unfortunately I haven't found a colored picture.
Picture N°.5 shows: Also an advertising photo for Pepe Jeans. It shows a woman wearing short demin pants and Christiano Ronaldo wearing dark blue washed jeans. I like this ad most!
Picture N°.6/7 shows: Super skinny "Gwenevere In Castle Rock" jeans for women by 7 For All Mankind, I really like the design of them!
Picture N°.8 shows: Elegant black jeans by DIESEL for men (N°. 502).
Picture N°.9 shows: Black jeans by GUCCI with golden zip at the back pockets and a red cloth stipe.
Picture N°.10/11 shows: Black jeans for women with around 20 zips on the lower leg by Avelon. They are my favorite ones, I want them so much!

xoxo Agnes

February 11, 2012

Fashion Of His Love... ♥

Lee Alexander McQueen († February 11, 2010) is my favorite Fashion Designer! I really feel connected to his due to similar ideas and designes. So, on the occasion of the second year of this death I want to post something about him!
His fashion looks rather like "Haute Couture" than "Prêt-à-porter" (he also has Prêt-à-porter collections) , but that's just McQueen! Crazy high heels, sumptuous dresses, amazing fashion! I love everything by McQueen. It inspires me and my own designes. He made fashion out of normal, everyday shapes and things and the result is beyond perfection! Lots of celebrities love him and his fashion, too, just as Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton, Victoria Beckham, etc. Even more celebs wear his fashion at awarding shows, in music videos, on weddings, etc. Since 1990 he worked at fashion jobs, for example at Romeo Gigli, for Dior, Givenchy, Puma and 1992/93 he founded his own fashion brand "Alexander McQueen", later in 2005 he created "McQ".
He is just a god for me! I really want(ed) to meet him, but unfortunately he comitted suicide. The fashion world lost a great, creative and fabulos designer... Since February 2010 Sarah Burton is the new chefdesigner at Alexexander McQueen! She also made the wedding gown for Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambrigde!
All in all Lee was a fantastique fashion designer and I love him and his fashion! R.I.P Lee ♥

"God save McQueen"

Daphne Guinness

Kate Middleton

Anne Hathaway

Florence Welch

Savage Beauty

Savage Beazty Book Cover

Armadillo heels

Lady Gaga

Victoria Beckham

xoxo Agnes

February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

This was a exciting game yesterday! About 800 Million people saw the New York Giants winning against the New England Patriots, nearly 70,000 were in the Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis (Indiana). Kelly Clarkson had the honor to sing the National anthem. In my opinion she made a great job! Then the game was really exciting, in the first quarter Brady was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone, giving New York a 2-0 lead and the first safety in a championship game since Super Bowl XLII and then the Giants increased their lead to 9-0 on Manning's 2-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz. In the second quarter Brady showed he was up to the challenge, completing 8 consecutive passes for 71 yards and scoring with a 4-yard touchdown pass to running back Danny Woodhead, giving the Patriots a 10-9 halftime lead. After the second quarter Madoona had her halftime performance, but I'll write about this later. So after the halftime the Patriots started out really strong! First, Brady completed a 21-yard pass to Chad Ochocinco, then two rushes gained 25 yards to the New York 33-yard line. Eventually, Brady finished with a scoring pass to tight end Aaron Hernandez, increasing New England's lead to 17-9. Later on a sack by Anderson and Rob Ninkovich forced the Giants to settle for another field goal from Tynes, making the score 17-15 with 35 seconds left in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was really nervous exciting. Especially the last 3:46 minutes! After passing across the whole field, and several chances for NE and NY to get to the goal line, both Giants and Patriots played around the 20 yard line up until the 10 yard line, but the Giants couldn't go further and the Patriots couldn't risk the game on a short field goal attempt from Tynes, so New England allowed Bradshaw to run into the end zone. Finally, 58 seconds left to play, Bradshaw attempted to pull up and stop on the 1 yard line, but this aused him to fall across the goal line, so he gave New York a 21-17 lead! The last 58 seconds were very long, but the Patriots couldn't make another touchdown! So the New York Giants won the 46th Super Bowl, Congratulations!
The half-time entertainement was based on Madonna's new single "Give Me All Your Lovin'" (she performed with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.). But first Madonna sang a medley with several of her greatest hits. Then LMFAO performed their single "Sexy And I Know It" featured with Madonna and her song "Music", and later on also Cee-Lo Green and Madonna performed her single "Like A Prayer"! It was a nice show, but it somehow looked like Madonna used lip synching.
All in all I enjoyed the game and it was worth watching it until 3:30 A.M. :)

Here are some pictures of the Super Bowl and Madonna's half-time performance: (also go to THIS POST for more pictures):

xoxo Agnes