March 25, 2012

Top10 - Spring ♥

I noticed, that I haven't wrote a Top10 music post for such a loooong time, so here is one! I just called it "Spring", because it's spring, but it doesn't have a lot to do with this season :)
  1. Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed
  2. Stefanie Heinzmann - Diggin' In The Dirt
  3. The Pretty Reckless - You
  4. Aura Dione - Friends feat. Rock Mafia
  5. Wet Fingers - Turn Me On feat. Anna Montgomery
  6. Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind
  7. DJ Antoine - Ma Chérie
  8. Gotye - Sombody That I Used To Know feat. Kimbra
  9. Olly Murs - Heart Skips A Beat
  10. Caligola - Forgive Forget
I am really obsessed with Adam Levine's voice, tbh. A few days ago I wanted to listen to "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" so badly, but unfortunately I couldn't find a video in YouTube. But right now, as I'm writing this, I do listen to it, frankly I found this song on! And the vid is so great, I wouldn't mind if the woman in the music video was me :) In my opinion it's as great as the other ones by Maroon 5! But one thing I want to add: I'm a fan of them for a several years, and I know (almost) every song by this band. So I also know the lyrics, at least I already read all a couple of times. And I find "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" is one of the very fewest songs that isn't so 'sexual', but more emotional. I don't know if you agree if you also listen to Maroon 5. Anyway, I love this song and it's worth listening to it at least one time :)
The next song is by Stefanie Heinzmann, a german girl (who may be not that known in other countries), she won a singing contest a few years ago and "Diggin' In The Dirt" is her new single. She also has a new album called "Stefanie Heinzmann" (it's her third one!) and this song as the first released song is a good one! Hope the whole album is that great! I heard it the first time when I watched a promotional ad for a show or movie, I don't know, on TV and I just liked it! Her voice sounds really, really amazing! And today I saw the video for the first time and it's wonderful! I like it, tbh, and she looks really beautiful! I don't really liked her old songs, but this one is one of my favorites now! :)
"You" is one of my favorite songs by Taylor Momsen and her band! Her voice is magical, fantastique! The lyrics are sad, very emotionally and... it's not a typical TPR song, because of those kind of lyrics. It's like a totally different type of music and you'll notice this, when you listen to other songs by them. But I really love this one. It reminds me of a boy, maybe due to the sad feelings in the song and because he meant a lot to me. And one more thing: The video is beyond amazingness! It kind of looks like "We Found Love" by Rihanna at the beginning, but it's not a copy of it. It's different. It's beautiful, especially Taylor! There's nothing else I can say than: I f*cking LOVE this song!
Aura Dione's and Rock Mafia's song "Friends" is also great! The lyrics are easy to understand, and the video is pretty, as well as the fashion worn by Aura! I like the story being told in the vid! It's kind of sad, and ironic, because the so called friend is just a robot made out of shoes! But what I really miss is the typical voice of Aura. I haven't believed my sister when she said this song is sang by Aura Dione. The voice in "Friends" doesn't remind me of her, not at all. Although it's a beautiful voice. Anyway I do like the song and hope you do, too!
I already told you sth about the 5th song. Read it HERE (it was also N°.5 back then :D)! And I want to add, that I was searching for a song to listen to and found this one! I can't stop listening to it, guess because it's amazing! The vid is also wonderful, kind of futuristic, mysteric, amazing. It's a pity that I can't find the vid in YouTube. So, this song is very nice, listen to it ;)
"She Doesn't Mind" by Sean Paul is one of my new favorite songs. I've heard it before, but never really listened to it. Until I found it on the side on YouTube and since I've listened to it, I love it! His voice is fantastique! The music video is pretty nice and also hot (hot girls!), I like it. Maybe you already know this single and if not, listen to it!
The next song I found through the same way as the last one! My sister listened to "Ma Chérie" before on YouTube, and so it was suggested to me on the side. I've listened to it then and I just can say it's amazing! It's a summer song, in my opinion. You get a feeling like it's hot outside, the sun's shining and for example I want to sit outside a pool and take a sun bathe :) I like this song!
Do you already know "Sombody That I Used To Know" by Gotye and Kimbra? If not, I suggest you to listen to it! At first I didn't liked it, tbh. But the more I heard it, the more I fell in love with it! It's a beautiful song, and the both voices just fit together! And I love the artistic vid! Like! Like! Like!
I know Olly Murs since I've heard his song "Olly Murs", but I never really listened to it again. But in my opinion "Heart Skips A Beat" is way more wonderful. It's kind of pop, rhythm and happiness mixed togehter, just a really nice song for dancing and partying! I like listening to it!
The 10th song is by Caligola (I still don't understand whether Caligola is the new name for Mando Diao or just a new band with a few members of Mando Diao) and I first listened to it, when I saw it in a promotional advertisement for their new album. It reminds me of a song, but I don't know which one. Anyway, it's a really nice song, so listen to it :)

I guess you already know a few songs, but of course you can listen to the others!
xoxo Agnes

March 23, 2012


Brian Atwood Maniac Metallic Pumps

These high heels are amazing! Silver-bronze pushes other metallics aside as the new neutral for 2012. And just like your jewelry, this antiqued edition Brian Atwood Maniac pump casts a warm glow! The color and the pumps work with many other colors and clothings! A hidden platform gives you an extra boost of height and confidence ;) It's a crackled metallic leather and tonal topstitching highlight fine construction. I really like this one!

xoxo Agnes

March 22, 2012

Today is World Water Day!

That might be no fashion/music/celebrity/etc. post, but I find it's an important topic for everyone!
As I was checking my calendar on my mobile (Samsung "Blue Earth"), I recognized an appointment for today: it's World Water Day (my mobile saved a few special dates which have to do sth with earth/enviromental protection)!

It's nice to honor water, because it's just one of a few things we can't survive without. But it's a pity, that it's not accessible and available for a lot of people (especially in poor countries)! They have to suffer, because they don't have everyday clean water and most of them just die due to dehydrating or diseases (in the dirty water), beside from starving to death. I hope that one day these issues can be solved.

Apart from that there's one more problem, which isn't proofed scientifically yet, but which WE can prevent: water scarcity. A part of scientists believes, that the climate change was caused by the human being and the industrial revolution etc., the other one thinks it's just a normal transformation which changes every thousands of years. But that is not necessary to know, it's rather important, that this may have an effect on water and it's quantity/quality. And that's the point, where we can help: just don't waste water! If there is any chance, turn it off, use it more times, take as much as you really need, but not more, take a shower instead of a bath, use a filter for your pool/aquarium to not having to change the water that often!

You can save water just by controlling your tap. That's easy. Save water and the enviroment to have a better future!

I wish everyone a great day! :)

xoxo Agnes

March 19, 2012

Thank you all for 10k views! :)

...9998, 9999, 10000!
I want to thank all people who have read my blog for the last two years! I am honored to finally hit 10,000 views! I really hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for every opinion!

Thank you! Dankeschön! Dziękuje! Merci! Grazie! Takk! Gracias! Hvala! Obrigada! Dank je wel! Dakujem! Gratias ago! :)

xoxo Agnes

March 11, 2012

GUESS Billow Slingback Pumps

I saw these high heels a few months ago in a magazine, but I couldn't remember by what designer they were. And finally I found them at a website, as I was searching for a Calvin Klein hand bag. Those high heels by Guess you can buy in several colors like red, blue, purple etc. but I love the pink ones! They just look fantastique! Try the pink suede pumps with shiny leather and glitter contrasts with golden heel with a party dress for the next big event and let the compliments roll in. These are eye-catching high heels! ;)
xoxo Agnes


March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Natali!

Natali Germanotta (born on March 10, 1992), the sister of Lady Gaga and a new fashion designer who has just completed her first year studying fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York, has a special occasion to party today: Natali is celebrating her 20th birthday!
I wish her the best and good luck with her fashion! Hope to meet her one day!
xoxo Agnes ♥

March 9, 2012

Thanks :)

As I was promoting my blog and asking for a few opinions about my blog on Twitter, I got a tweet from a german boy, and this just made my day! He wrote, that he likes the colors of my blog, that I have a pretty writing style, and that you can see, that I enjoy writing new posts for my blog. But the cutest was, that he compared my blog with Vanity Fair! I had never expected my blog to be compared with the Vanity Fair! Although Vouge would have been a bit better, but that's okay :) I really thank him for those nice words! To be honest, I really, really love this opinion, but I know there are also people who won't like it, but I would appreciate, if those people could tell me, how I can improve my blog, so maybe they like it a little more :) So just tell me how you like my blog!
xoxo Agnes

March 5, 2012

Colors of the season!

What is the color of Spring/Summer this year? Well, the colors for this season reveals Pantone! As you can see in the picture above, there are a few new, fashionable shades! I will tell something about the several ones, and will add some pictures of the runway. I'll start in the upper left corner and the last color will be the one in the lower right corner!

01. "Tradewinds": A kind of grey mixed with a smudge of dark blue. Fits good to brighter colors like nude, rosé, mint... And makes a look more wild!
02. "Sweet Lilac": A light pink with an accent of purple. Makes the normal rosé look more 'grown-up', it's not that girly-like.
03. "Driftwood": A dark grey. Nothing more to say. :) Looks very good with "Starfish" (N°.07)!
04. "Margarita": A pale, kind of olive green mixed with white. It looks good, when you combine it with dark blue shades!
05. "Bellflower": A beautiful new violet, can be used as a contrasting color for "Tangerine Tango" (See color N°.10)!
06. "Sodalite Blue": Very clear, dark blue, looks good for example with "Margarita" or "Tangerine Tango"! I wonder, how the name is pronounced :)
07. "Starfish": A kind of new brown, mixed with white, grey and a bit of sand in my opinion. I personally think, it looks somehow like sand...a bit browner.
08. "Dazzling Blue": A blue with a blue-tiful name :) Even though it doesn't seen so dazzling, shiny at first.
09. "Vintage Khaki": A grey with a little accent of green/brown.
10. "Tangerine Tango": A beautiful, powerful orange, used as a co-color for sand and grey-shades. Looks also good ith the strong color "Bellflower"!
11. "Cockatoo": Not the bird (even though there can be a connection), but the color! A kind of mint (Lady Gaga told us, mint would be the new spring color!), which is more powerful, but not too flashy!
12. "Granita": A red purple mix, which reminds of pomegranates!
13. "Solar Power": As the name suggests, it's a sun-yellow. It's not that shiny, and it's mixed with a little drop of orange color!
14. "Hawaiian Ocean": A really powerful blue. Reminds of the Hawaiian Ocean, in general of oceans in the summer. An absolute summer shade!
15. "Grass Green": In my opinion it doesn't look exactly like grass. But I like it, because it's not a 'usual' green!
16. "Cabaret": A very intense, powerful pink. It's a new, even stronger variant of "Honeysuckle"! I love it!

My favorite shades in SS 2012 are: Tangerine Tango, Cockatoo, Hawaiian Ocean, Cabaret and Tradewinds! They look really fashionable, modern, like... new!

Here are some runway photos from a few designers (I don't own any rights!)

Alexandre Plokhov SS12

Carlos Miele SS12

Diane von Fürstenberg SS12

Diane von Fürstenberg SS12

Mulberry SS12

Ellie Saab SS12

Roland Mouret SS12

Versace SS12

Yigal Azrouel SS12

Burberry Prorsum SS12

Ellie Saab SS12

Ferragamo SS12

Ferragamo SS12

Marchesa SS12

Christian Siriano SS12

Jill Stuart SS12

Nanette Lepore SS12
And last but not least... ;)
Calvin Klein Underwear Compaign SS12

xoxo Agnes