November 15, 2012


A long time ago my attention was drawn to the latest collaboration by H&M: Maison Martin Margiela.
I love the former eyewear collections and the Fall/Winter 2011 line was gorgeous, too, but sometimes it's just a bit too outré or extravagant (see the SS11 collection). I like how the Belgian fashion designer puts extraordinary objects into fashionable pieces. And this time he really made an efford on how tho make strange items of clothing into some modern, special it-pieces! Both the men and women ready-to-wear collections are wonderful. The clothes are either oversized or merged from two different parts. It's obviously not the style of everybody because some articles are really crazy, but a few are very beautiful. You can look up the collaboration on HERE or HERE.
xoxo Aga

November 9, 2012

Last Friday Night. - 9th of November

I hope you are all fine?
Well, I am ill and didn't want to go out of bed this morning, but I still wanted to go to school, so yeah :)
As you can assume I'm going to post a "Last Friday Night" post again!
Seen: "Don Juan DeMarco" trailer with Johnny Depp *.*Read: My schoolbook for arts.Heard: Rihanna - Diamonds.Done: Searched for inspiration and asked some photographers to collaborate with me for my blog.Drank: Hot peppermint tea *.*Thought: About several topics because of questions :)Wished: To be 18 already.Annoyed by: My last date.Exited by: Tomorrow.Clicked:

xoxo Aga