January 30, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen!
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January 26, 2013

Chanel Couture SS13 - The Forest of Karl's Imagination

According to an interview, Karl Lagerfeld used his imagination to create this wonderful Chanel Couture SS13 collection. The set, a sandy path laying in a forest with trees even reaching up to the ceiling, was breathtakingly magical, as I've seen it on TV a few days ago. It is a total opposite of the Haute Couture SS12 collection, which was rather extravagant and heavy. This time Karl used lighter cloths, fewer sequins and less colors – to create a wonderful collection. It was a rather black and white line, with several golden or (dark) shades and accents, which did make the show undescribely gorgeous and mysterious. There was kind of love in the air, it was like a modernized, fashionable medieval fashion show. (Oh, I am really glad to post a real fashion article again, I merge in this specific topic!) But he also used (floral) patterned cloth which was rather not explodingly colorful.
The dresses were stunningly beautiful, but as soon as you know who created them, it is clear they HAVE to be such marvelous pieces. Karl of course made them special, but wearable! As he tells the clothes are light and that's why they are not longer just for the runway! Nowadays rich women will buy 30 dresses instead of just five many decades ago. I agree on that, but some of them are better to be worn as gowns for special events or evenings! Also the makeup was on the one hand not very extrateresstrial and typical for a haute couture show (compared to the Vivienne Westwood models' makeup), but on the other hand it was still special because I surmise that only several women would wear this look in daily life. I also liked the shoes - thigh-high boots with open-toes.
As an ending two twin-style brides being robed in natural, clear white gowns with a young boy on their side showed up, which made the show complete. Karl also looked fantastique with his black outfit and his fingerless net-gauntlets, which also had an influence on this collecton. All in all I do like this Chanel Haute Couture line, on the one hand it does remind me of a good, pious, cautious, lovely but also shy woman, but on the other hand that woman seems like she is trying to escape from this image, wants to be free, herself, she is a strong personality but still niet (I did recognize this most notably on Lindsey Wixson who perfectly wore this idea!).
I love what Karl created, it is an image which should be lived by women. Looking shy and good, but be herself a strong and free woman!
Celebrities like Katy Perry and Alexa Chung followed this marvelous show!

Visit the following link to see the looks of the catwalk!

Catwalk Chanel Couture SS13

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January 22, 2013

Fashion News - Paris Couture Spring 2013

The Paris Haute Couture started this Monday!

I already caught up some impressions and I absolutely love the Spring/Summer 2013 collections! Yesterday Christian Dior, Iris van Herpen and Giambattista Valli among others presented their fashion, which was eye-catching! While Raf Simons as the new designer of Christian Dior created a black and white classy elegance (the pictures below show my favorite haute couture dress with Karlie Kloss as the model), Iris van Herpen called their collection a "Hybrid Holism Haute Couture". Giambattista Valli's collection was monochrome, unicolored (most notably white, black and red) and can be viewed on VOGUE Australia!
Today's morning started with some Chanel glamour followed by Stephane Rolland, Giorgio Armani Prive, Alexis Mabille! Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Maison Martin Margiela and others take the reigns for the Wednesday. And finally Zuhair Murad, Herve L Leroux and more fantastique designers bring the week to a fashionable and gorgeous end on Thursday.
View the whole schedule on Mode à Paris!
Further you can visit the following link to read about the expectations on FashionTV and of course, you can watch some videos, too!
Fashion News - Paris Couture Spring 2013 - Paris Haute Couture Finale For Spring Collections - fashiontv
You can see photos from the collection here: Iris van Herpen Haute Couture and 2013 Haute Couture Spring/Summer - VOGUE Australia.

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January 14, 2013

How-to: Get Healthier Hair

Since I was trying to dye my hair blonde after I dyed it brown, dark red, dark lilac, black, etc. my hair was really destroyed, dry and it looked very bad. So I decided to search for some tips and developed my own ways to get healthier hair.
First of all I dyed my hair back to brown to fit my roots because, tbh, my hair looked like sh-t. Sorry to say that, but it was true.
Well, and then I started to repair them. Here are my tips:
  • Don't use silicons: That means, very easy, don't use any hair products with silicons. It may look shiny and healthy but it is not repaired at all. First your hair's going to get dryer, but trust me, after a few weeks of using silicone-free products it will be strong and shiny again. To fasten that up just use vegan conditioner. Vegan products, mostly, do not contain unhealthy ingredients for your hair, so look it up, just takes you like five seconds and your hair will be thankful for that ;)
  • Avoid heat in any way: My hair is cool, literally, because I'm never using hot water to wash it, I let them dry in the air instead of using a hair dryer (except when I need to really really really hurry up) and I neither use a straightener nor a curling iron. And this really prettified my hair, it got stronger and it's not that destroyed and dry anymore. Heat is the only that is very harmful to you. I want to avoid it so that my hair won't be damaged more. Try this tip out, girls!
  • Let your hair be independent, but make out some limits: Means that you should leave it open as often as possible. A very helpful method. Your hair won't break that easily and of course, wouldn't you be happier to be free than tied up? But don't let it grow without limits. Cut the hair-ends every 3 to 5 weeks, it's up to you how much you want to cut off, I guess that depends on how often you cut them. But I recommend you to cut them, I experienced that your hair will grow faster when you are cutting the split ends off as regular as possible. Therefore it's understandable that your hair gets more and more healthier! Last but not least, my last tip:
  • Give your scalp a treat: Take a hairbrush and brush your hair at least once a week. Or even massage your scalp with your fingers. Do it when you have time, e.g. while watching TV, before going to the bathroom or whenever you have time! This will help to make it stronger, healthier and shinier (be careful, this can make your hair look greasy). And when you don't feel like doing it (because the TV show is too exciting), ask your partner, husband, boyfriend, whoever you want, to help you with that! Btw, girls, you may also do your boys that favor ;)

Nevertheless there is one particular way to avoid destroyed, dry, pale hair AND skin - eat healthy.
Try those methods and I hope they can help you, no matter which hair structure, -length or color. Have success by trying these, they helped me a lot!
xoxo Aga

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January 7, 2013


I can't believe that I already have 600 views in January after only a week! Thank you so much!
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New Fragrance ♥

Last week on wednesday I got my new perfume by Yves Rocher. I ordered the Noix De Coco De Malaisie | Malaysian Coconut EdT (100ml, 3.4 fl.oz.).
It came with an, in my opinion, cute package which is just a paper box with nothing written on. I made several pictures, you can view them below. The perfume's botanical key, as they call it, is malaysian coconut. I bought it because my sister already has had it for like a year and it smells so good! It's very intensive and lasts for a whole day! And I wanted to get a fragrance which is not disappearing after like an hour.
So, I am really glad to have it. Another aspect why I got it is the fact that it contains absolutely no animal ingrediants, so it's vegan and this is a strong argument for me. I take care of only using vegan products, but of course I can't bring this off with every product. So I am happy to know where I can get vegan products by - Yves Rocher.
With this post it is recommended by me to all of you, check out the stores and the website and help to make our world better by buying vegan products! It is also better for you to use plants ingrediants based ones, you should follow that in any part of your lifestyle.
So, back to my fragrance. It is a wonderful scent and it is very intensive, strong without being like nasty or disgusting. I do recommend it to you if you don't like perfums smelling like roses or those "usual" flowers or spice.

My sister told me not to use it everyday because, as she says, it can get boring. I am very pleased about owning it and I think about buying more fragrances by Yves Rocher.
xoxo Aga

January 6, 2013

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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Please follow my blog on bloglovin since Google Friend Connect will be removed. It really makes me sad because 25+ people were following my blog with it. I hope to get even more follower! And tbh I use "follow" way too much in this post ☻

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January 1, 2013

First Post in 2013 ♥

I wish everyone of you a wonderful New Years Day! I hope your resolutions for 2013 are going to come true!
Atm I am listening to Jordin Sparks' "Tattoo". Beautiful song!
Btw, that's my first post in 2013!!
Oh, and I am absolutely going to post a more profound article with more content soon!
xoxo Aga